Summer is over and I can only look back with great satisfaction.
I have spent these two months dancing with children of all ages and adults, with amazing results: a great end of term Musical (for the kids of the Music Camp) and two new choreographies (Michael Jackson and Kalvin Harris/Dua Lipa) for the adults.

Now it’s time for me to take some holidays and come back with the batteries recharged. I loved meeting so many amazing kids, some with a huge artistic talent and absolutely all with their unique personality.

I learned a lot from them: thank you M. for helping me with the flamenco dress (I had no idea it could be so complicated) and I congratulate you again for being always yourself and keep disguising in women’s clothes despite some silly giggle.
Thanks to the pre-teens and teens group, for giving me such fun moments and for trusting me, not only as a teacher but as a person and friend.
Thanks also to the “terrible” 4-5 years old: I had to assume that at this age a good story is much better than a dance class and that your kisses and hugs immediately re-energize even the most exhausted person.
I will never forget the smile and enthusiasm of all of you, who always screamed “oleeeeeee” all the times that you had a dance class with me. It’s priceless.
And of course thanks to the adults, who have committed to come to class during all summer, without worrying about the weather, the super hot western wind, the sweat, and fatigue. You are great and you are progressing a lot.

I leave you with some photos and we will see you on September 17. Hasta pronto!



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