An Awesome Wedding First Dance

I recently had the chance to help S. and M. with their awesome wedding first dance. They were going to marry in their home country and wanted to surprise their guests with easy but beautiful choreography, and that’s how it was.

They chose a classic and very romantic song (“At Last” by Etta James) and they told me that neither of them had any dance experience… those who already know me, will surely have guessed my reaction: a smile.
We all know how to dance, we are born with this gift, we simply forget to practice it. Everyone can learn, as long as he/she decides to put the shame aside and start practicing.

Of course, I didn’t think about acrobatics or impossible movements but in a smooth, natural, and emotional choreography.
With only 2 private lessons and a little practice during the week, the dance was done. A few days ago they sent me a video and some photos (that I’m sharing here), confirming what I already knew: the first dance was a success.

It has been a pleasure guys, I have loved working with you 🙂


Awesome Wedding First Dance, Baila Ya 


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