We start the new Dance season

Vamos a empezar las clases

…or at least we try

It’s true when they say that time flies, I didn’t even realise and we are already in mid-September, ready to resume our dance classes after a short break of a couple of weeks.

This year is going to be peculiar, but we will find shelter into our “bubble” and enjoy dancing as we always do. The positive energy of dance is the only thing we want to spread – and be infected with!

New Dance Classes for Beginners

Great news! This month we are offering free trial dance classes for the beginners course that will start in October. It is an opportunity for new people who have no experience and want to learn from scratch.

What else … Covid has made our life difficult but we have all the necessary security measures in place. The groups will be closed (no class hopping) in order to better manage our bubble.

Least, but not last, we fully trust in each other’s responsibility – at Baila Ya we are a small family and this is what makes us different and fills us with pride.

I’m ready to dance … and you?


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