“This is the only class where I can laugh” – that was exactly what one of the girls said before leaving, of course with a big and beautful smile on her face.

When I take something for granted, life reminds me to be careful. A kid can’t laugh at school while the teacher is explaining maths, or during a reading exercise or an exam, and I can more or less agree – within certain limits. But when you dance, laughing becomes inevitable: maybe you do it because you’re having a great time, or because you’re overcoming the embarrassment of moving in public, or because your friend is watching you or has just made a joke … honestly, I don’t really care. It never happened to me that a laugh could become a hindrance, all the opposite, laughing has always been part of my classes: no laugh no party!

It’s not a secret that people – at any age – learn more and more quickly when they have fun.
Plus, laughter makes us letting go of our fears, brings us closer to others, opens us to the world and … generates endorphins (the molecules of happiness) and decreases cortisol (the stress hormone). Not bad, huh?

Do you want more scientific curiosities? When we laugh we move around 400 muscles and laughing 100 times a day is equal to 15 minutes cycling. Don’t get me wrong, I love riding a bike but I do really prefer to laugh!
Last, but not least, we are the only living beings who can laugh (at least as we use to do). This must have some meaning, I leave you pondering about it… and may a good laugh always be with you 🙂

*the image is from the movie”Dirty Dancing”, I’ve borrowed it because sometimes an image is better than a thousand words.

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