Dance Classes for Beginners

Dance Classes for Beginners | Baila Ya

Do you want to learn to dance in a fun and easy way?

As you may know, dancing is not only a great activity to stay fit, shape your body or reduce stress, it’s also the perfect way to train your mind and boost your energy by learning something new (see the answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding our dance lessons).

It is never too late to start; you’ll be surprised by the many things you’ll be able to do in a very short amount of time, regardless of your age, body weight or old beliefs. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting go and being open to new challenges.

We will start from scratch, with basic movements and basic techniques, always remembering that fun is our MAIN word! It’s proven that we are much more likely to learn when we have fun, so if this applies to kids why can’t we do the same? You won’t need any previous experience, just willing to learn and enjoy the journey.

Dancing is a complete activity, it involves mind, body and spirit. You will soon undergo a physical improvement, but also a stronger concentration and focus, and definitely a better mood.
Believe me when I say that anybody can dance, you only need to give it a try!

Dance Class Structure

  • Frequency: twice a week/1 hour class/ NEW COURSE will start in October 2024
  • Experience: not required. You will just need to be fit for non professional dancing activity (if you are able to spend an evening out dancing, that will be enough!) .
  • Styles: every month we will work on a different choreography, alternating different styles: modern jazz, contemporary, hip-hop/funky and sometimes a mix of them. There are often ballet movements in the classes, as ballet is the base of everything.
  • Classes: in our dance classes we will have approx 10 min. of warm up (sometimes adding some ballet techniques in it), 40 min. of choreography and 10 min. of cool down and stretching,
  • Areas of improvements: flexibility, strength, balance, posture, coordination, memory, self-confidence, awareness, self-expression, fellowship.
  • Location: We are in Calle Sierra Bermeja 30, Pueblo Nuevo de Guadiaro, a very short drive from Gibraltar, Estepona or even Marbella.
  • Minimum persons required for a class: 6
  • Monthly fee: 40€ (1 class/week)

Check out our timetable and fees page.