Dance Classes for Senior Adults (+65)

Dance Classes for Seniors | Baila Ya

Why Not?

Age is nothing but a number, especially when we dance. If you’re in good shape, with no major physical issues join our dance classes for Senior adults, don’t let anybody tell you can’t dance!

Dance is the perfect activity to keep your body in shape, your mind active and your spirit alive. You will soon experience a great boost because after a few classes you’ll be able to perform dance routines easily and smoothly. Dance is a way to challenge ourselves, no matter the age or shape or old beliefs. Of course each choreography and exercise will be adapted and personalised, but this doesn’t mean that Seniors cannot learn complex steps or challenging moves.

The blockers are only in our mind: if you believe that you can invest a few hours every month to learn something new I can guarantee that you’ll be surprised by the outcome.
Fun is the key: as in any other activity, when we are having a good time we are likely to learn better and faster. Plus, we are like a family here. Two of the major indicators if the dance classes are going well are smiles and laughs!

We will start step-by step, maybe with gentle and slow paced choreographies, but never really setting limits, just common sense on what we can achieve or not.

Dance Class Structure

  • Frequency: once a week/1 hour class
  • Styles: every month we will work on a different choreography, alternating different styles: jazz, pop, ‘80s & ‘90s, and maybe some funky. Some tips on technique will be included in each lesson, safety first!
  • Class: we will have approx 15 min. of warm up, 35 min. of choreography and 10 min. of cool down and soft stretching,
  • Areas of improvements: flexibility, strength, balance, posture, memory, self and space awareness, vitality.
  • Location: We are in Pueblo Nuevo/Sotogrande, a very short drive from Gibraltar, Estepona or even Marbella.
  • Minimum persons required for a class: 6
  • Monthly fee: 50€

Check out our timetable and fees page.