Intermediate Dance Classes

Intermediate level Dance Classes | Baila Ya

How do I know if my level is Intermediate?

If you’ve danced before, maybe when you were a kid or in your teens, and would like to start feeling the power of DANCE again, join Baila Ya Intermediate dance classes.

Sometimes life circumstances make us focus on immediate priorities and set aside our passions or deepest desires, but this can’t last long. If you quit dancing for any reason, it’s now time to be back, regardless your age, shape, or old beliefs. You don’t need to be a pro, just have some experience and wish to restart challenging yourself.

This is what this course is about: you already know the basics, so you can progress quickly and be each day a little bit better than the day before. Everything you’ve learned will come back, physically and mentally – it is like magic.

You may feel you’re not so flexible as 10 or 20 years ago, but who cares? You’ll be improving anyway, and be very proud of yourself and others. Yes, here you have another added benefit: you’ll be part of an extended family, where people like you are sharing the same interests, goals, passion and insecurities.

We always have great fun and help each other; no class – so far – has ended without great laughs!

Dance Class Structure

  • Frequency: twice a week/1 hour class
  • Experience: you need to be familiar with some basic dance techniques (basic movements and footwork patterns) and have a decent sense of rhythm and coordination.
  • Styles: every month we will work on a different choreography, alternating different styles: modern jazz, contemporary, hip-hop/ funky, pop, and a mix of them. Ballet movements are often included in the classes, to improve technique.
  • Class: our classes will have approx 10 min. of warm-up and specific exercises, 40 min. of choreography and 10 min. of cool down and stretching.
  • Location: We are in Pueblo Nuevo/Sotogrande, a very short drive from Gibraltar, Estepona or even Marbella.
  • Areas of improvement: flexibility, strength, balance, posture, resistance, coordination, technique, memory, self-confidence, self and space awareness, self-expression, fellowship.
  • Minimum persons required for a class: 6
  • Monthly fee: 55€

Check out our timetable and fees page.