Our Popular Dance Styles

Our popular dance styles. Baila Ya Dance School


Jazz is definitely one of our most popular dance styles. It was born in the black community of the United States in the 19th century and evolved by absorbing elements of ballet and tap dancing. It’s characterized by wide movements, turns, jumps, fast and precise legs work, sudden changes, and improvisation. It’s actually the most used style in Broadway.


Contemporary dance was born at the beginning of the 20th century in the United States and it shows rebellion the technique in favor of free expression. It melts elements from various styles, dancers are usually barefoot, they “live” every step and the choreography has many jumps and movements on the floor.


Hip-hop dance was born in the United States in the mid-twentieth century, to express the discontent towards injustices and social inequalities. Rap or Electronic music is usually in the background and it’s characterized by a street wardrobe, fast movements, and bossy attitude. Sometimes hip-hop is confused with Funk, which has more stylized and rigid movements.


Classic dance is the mother of all styles. It was born in Italy during the Renaissance but the first school was set up in France. It is characterized by the absolute control of the body, elegant postures, flexibility, and impeccable movements. In ballet, each step is studied and codified, and its execution must be simply perfect.

Scenic movements

Dancing on stage, alone or with other dancers, involves having knowledge about how to move, when and where. You have to respect the space and learn to improvise. Corporal expression, and especially the facial mimicry, have extreme importance: the public has to live the emotions that you are transmitting.

We are going to work all this during the year while learning and having tons of fun. Get in touch to join us!