Private Dance Lessons

Private Dance Classes in Spain | Baila Ya

Private Dance Lessons between Marbella & Gibraltar

The private classes literally cover any requirement as they are completely adapted to the client’s needs, with 100% personalized attention. The private dance lessons can be held at Baila Ya dance studio or at the student’s place, as long as it’s on the Costa del Sol, along the area between Marbella and Gibraltar, including Sotogrande, Estepona, Alcaidesa.

Anybody can decide to choose private classes: it could be anyone who has studied dance in its country, just moved to Spain and cannot find a place where to train properly and continue progressing with dance or specific choreographies. In this case private classes are ideal, due to their high level of focus and professionalism.

Or – as it happens very often – there are women (and sometimes men) who prefer to have dance lessons directly at their homes, in a more private and quiet environment, with flexible hours adaptable to their family or work situation. Or simply people, of any age, who wants more personalized attention, to learn specific steps or just to train for a while.

Private classes also cater to small groups who want to practice and “polish” specific choreographies for a competition, or a video, or even for a flash mob.

Dance Class Structure

  • Frequency: free, we just have to agree when and where. 1 hour classes.
  • Styles: being private classes we adapt to the client’s demands. Any style is welcome, as well as any type of music or idea. If necessary, we can advise and organize the classes from scratch, and of course our flexibility is total. We only take into account eventual physical limitations and experience, so that safety is guaranteed at all times.
  • Class: depending on the purpose of the class, we will start with a warm-up, then focus on the choreography or exercises or dance techniques, etc. and end with some stretching.
  • Areas of improvements: depending on each specific situation, we can improve flexibility, strength, balance, posture, coordination, memory, body and space awareness, vitality, etc.
  • Location: We are in Pueblo Nuevo/Sotogrande, a very short drive from Gibraltar, Estepona or even Marbella. We do also organize dance lessons directly at your home.
  • Minimum persons required for a class: from 1 to 4 max.
  • Fee: € 70 per class 1 person – €100 per class 2 persons – €120 per class 3 or 4 persons

Check out our timetable and fees page.