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Events & Workshops, Baila Ya

Dance is a great and flexible partner, that’s why we designed a range of events where you can explore and experience dance together with other activities, always related to our wellbeing.

At BailaYa we organise different types of dance events and programs, such as Workshops, Masterclasses, and Retreats.


Workshops are dance or multidisciplinary events, of several hours or weekends. In general, the program includes different activities but with a connection which is the wellbeing of our body & mind. That’s why we have multidisciplinary workshop, where the program usually includes dance, yoga, emotional intelligence, psychology, etc.

Our workshops are on demand or on fixed dates, so don’t hesitate to get in touch if you want to pre-book your place, or even organise one at your place to enjoy with your family or friends.

Our Workshops


A Masterclass is instead a longer and more focused class (1 hour and a half or 2 hours), taught by a single person. In the coming future, we will organize a masterclass with 2 special people: my teacher and my best student (who undoubtedly has surpassed her teacher). They would teach a Masterclass, each one is his/her specialty, which is respectively: modern jazz and hip-hop.

Dance Events and Programs. Baila Ya Dance School


Retreats are like workshops but longer and usually organised in external facilities, sometimes in exotic locations. These can last several days and may include accommodation, food, cooking workshops (vegan, vegetarian, or local cuisine), diving, excursions, horseback riding, etc.

A retreat is studied to make you forget about stress, to clear your mind and focus only on yourself, enjoying dance (which is always present and helps us in a thousand ways) and any other activity or discipline; basically, a retreat is a holiday with a purpose.

We had a Dance & Yoga Retreat prepared for the beginning of November, in Bali, but the coronavirus has momentarily paused our plans. We hope to return to normality as soon as possible and enjoy this wonderful experience with you.

In the meantime, you can always sign up for my classes all year long (also virtually, in this period). Get in touch anytime.

Dance & Yoga Retreat, Baila Ya