Dance and Emotions Workshop

Danza y Emociones Baila Ya

We are constantly communicating with ourselves and others through our body and emotions.
Dance is a powerful tool, not only helps you to lower stress (and cortisol) but also raises levels of happy hormones like serotonin and dopamine. Which means, it makes you feel joy – the greatest of emotions.

In our 3-hours workshop you will use dance to unlock emotions and free yourself (you may be surprised by the outcome), and then you will be guided to go deeper into your feelings, exploring, analising and maybe learning to accept or control them.


  • 10 m: check-in and assessment
  • 1h 15 m: Dance Class
    Luisa will teach a basic level modern dance class (jazz or contemporary or funky, surprise!). No previous physical preparation or experience are needed, just need to be fit for a non professional dance class. We will start with a warm-up, then learn and practice the choreography, and end up with some stretching.
    Each class is adapted to the audience, meaning that it can be modified on-the-go, to better fulfill the students needs. And it is personalised: no one is left behind, and the number of participants is regulated to ensure a personal treat.
  • 20 m: Break
    Fruit, water and some cereal bars will be provided.
  • 1h 15 m: Unlocking emotions
    Maricarmen will guide a group therapy where we’ll explore our blocked emotions in order to start getting rid of our limiting thoughts. This is a journey to get in touch with our inner self. Maricarmen will use her holistic kinesiology experience together with her knowledge about the human emotions, breaking down through the most powerful and primary ones, such as for example fear, anger, joy, sadness or disgust.

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