Dance and Meditation Workshop

Danza y Meditación Baila Ya

Dance and Meditation are the expression of our bodies and minds. Both are strictly interconnected, and both are crucial for our wellbeing, good mood and healthy spirit.

When you dance you release endorphins (the feel-good hormone), increase happiness and liberate your life energy. Have you ever heard the phrase: dance like nobody’s watching? This is exactly the feeling we aim to experience, dancing for ourselves and enjoying every single step, movement, mistake or achievement.

And then, we’ll meditate. Collecting all the benefits of the recent dance class and going deeper observing and exploring our thoughts and feelings.

In our 3-hour workshop, you’ll first power up your energy with a very fun dance class, and then travel inside your inner self with a guided meditation.


  • 10 m: check-in and assessment
  • 1h 15 m: Dance Class
    Luisa will teach a basic level modern dance class (jazz or contemporary or funky, surprise!). No previous physical preparation or experience are needed, just need to be fit for a non professional dance class. We will start with a warm-up, then learn and practice the choreography, and end up with some stretching.
    Each class is adapted to the audience, meaning that it can be modified on-the-go, to better fulfill the students needs. And it is personalised: no one is left behind, and the number of participants is regulated to ensure a personal treat.
  • 20 m: Break
    Fruit, water and some cereal bars will be provided.
  • 1h 15 m: Meditation Class
    Isabelle will guide you into a meditative state, step by step, slowly but deeply, and help you release all tension, all thoughts and observe what is going on inside you. She will introduce you to powerful mindfulness techniques, how to correctly use your breath and go into a deeper level to increase your mental sharpness.
    This class is just the first step to start reprogramming the unconscious mind, which often leads us to be stuck and repeat every time the same wrong patterns.

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