DANCE Frequently Asked Questions

Dance Frequently Asked Questions. Baila Ya Dance School

Here you have the answers to the TOP 12 of the DANCE Frequently Asked Questions. If you need more info, please get in touch with me.

Dance FAQs

  1. How do you define dancing? Dancing is a form of art and overcoming. It strengthens both body and spirit, teaching us to value and express ourselves without fear or prejudice: it basically makes us free.
  2. I’m very rigid, can I learn how to dance? Of course yes! We all can. This is not about becoming a professional, but about overcoming our own limits.
  3. I’d love to dance but I don’t like people looking at me. Maybe that’s why you should sign up. We all experience the same fears and the intimacy and good vibes that we generate in the classes will help you overcome them.
  4. Will I lose weight? If you dance and look after your diet, you’ll be amazed at the results.
  5. At what age is it better to sign up? Any age, the only requirement is to be physically fit for an amateur activity. Classes can be organized for children, teenagers, adults, and seniors. Level and intensity will obviously vary.
  6. How does the class work? We used to start with a warm-up and exercises to increase strength, flexibility, improve posture, etc; then we learn/practice the choreography and end up the class with some stretching.
  7. Can I sign up if I don’t know the choreography? Sure. Every 3-4 weeks we change choreography, and I always explain it step by step and very slowly.
  8.  What standards must be met? Civil coexistence, education, and respect. There are no exceptions.
  9. What do I need to eat before the class? This is a sports activity so I recommend having a light snack around 1 hour before the class. And don’t forget to bring some water.
  10. What should I wear? Sports clothing and comfortable shoes (sneakers, ballet shoes, or socks). Remember to bring your towel and if possible no makeup.
  11. Do I need to choose a specific style? No, because we are going to practice all of them during the year. We will move from jazz to contemporary, to hip-hop, to ballet (only the basics). You will also learn how to be and perform on a stage.
  12. Will we do competitions? Dance is about sharing and not competing, that’s why we will normally organize shows and musicals. Anyway, if the majority is willing to compete, we can do it once in a while.