Ciao, I’m your Dance Teacher

Luisa Rubino, Dance Teacher & Choreographer in Sotogrande

Hello, my name is Luisa and I’m a dance teacher and choreographer based in Sotogrande.

If I have to resume my life in a few words, I’d say that music and dance are always with me, wherever I go and whatever I do.

I started studying ballet at the age of 4, at the Enzo Paolo Turchi Academy in Rome (Italy) and then I continued my training for other 15 years at AMD Mondial Dance (always in my home town, Rome), with one of the best living teachers: Stefano Sellati. As a child I had the privilege of dancing with several superstars from my country, for example, Raffaella Carrà!

From ballet, I moved to modern dance (jazz, contemporary) and then to hip-hop. I’ve been part of several dance groups, I have competed, I’ve won, I’ve lost, I’ve had my rap group (a duo with my friend JD), I’ve performed in many clubs, theaters and venues in Rome and Italy for years.

I’ve collaborated with many international dancers and choreographers… to keep a long story short, I’ve had a great time until I had to become a “serious” person :-). You will not believe it but… I’m a lawyer and marketing specialist!

Despite my “seriousness” I’ve never stopped teaching. Sometimes I’ve taught only in the afternoons, or few months a year, or with a gap between years (i.e. when I’ve traveled around the world or had my two children), but dance has always been my faithful companion, and now … as a Dance Teacher & Choreographer I’m back to stay!

If you are living in the Sotogrande area, or anywhere in between Marbella and Gibraltar, and want to have fun dancing all kinds of styles in a joyful and entertaining environment, get in touch with me today.

So, shall we dance?

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