Baila Ya: Values & Mission

Values & Mission at Baila Ya

So, first of all, our mission at Baila Ya is to make everybody feel good.

We all come from different backgrounds, have different ages, nationalities, cultures, etc. but the learning process is the same for everyone: we improve by having FUN in every single class.

I will call it the “Double L” system, as Learning and Laughing are always together.

Another core value is collaboration.

We are on this journey together, and the only competition is the one we have with ourselves, to try to be a little better every time. But still… always stress-free.

Flexibility is very important, as well as consistency.

They are like a marriage: we know that you have a private life, work, family… so we are really flexible – for example, we send videos if you missed a class or allow you to join a class from another course (if not too busy) – but we also ask for commitment, the only way to learn and progress in a consistent way.

And then – I don’t want to make the list of our core values too long – we really believe that freedom is involved in any of our dance courses.

The freedom to express yourself and personalize any choreography; of course there are techniques and rules to execute a routine, we are all dancing together, but you will need to express what you feel, otherwise, we will all be only “beautiful robots”.

There is more, but I don’t want to bother you further. You’re invited to try a class, anytime, and see by yourself.

Just get in touch!