Dancing Funk with Baila Ya

New year, new choreography. After having worked a lot on the technique in the past months, it’s now time for letting go & get dancing funk with Baila Ya, just feel the vibe and follow the flow!

This month we choose to dance on “Moves” by Olly Murs ft. Snoop Dogg; it’s not an easy song but surely we can relax and allow ourselves to make “dirty” movements – as we say in technical jargon. We no longer focus on the perfection of the positions or outstretched toes, the only thing that matters is to move on time and bounce a lot 🙂 

Actually, with so many little jumps in all directions, we are training our resistance and heart; the choreography is quite aerobic, and to get a real “funky” effect – and be more comfortable – it is advisable to wear fat pants and appropriate sneakers (let’s keep the ballet/jazz shoes for other styles). As always the level of good vibes is very high, we don’t pretend to be perfect but only to do the best we can and have fun.

And if you are secretly wondering: isn’t this funky/hip-hop for teenagers only? – No way! Give yourself a chance and try a class. Our group is super heterogeneous, no matter what style we are working on, the ultimate goal is always to have fun and learn new things.

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Dancing Funk with Baila Ya

Dancing Funk in Sotogrande


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