We need to keep Dancing in Coronavirus times

From Happiness to Sadness…

We were so happy spending our evenings dancing when this horrible virus stroke out. We saw it coming, but we didn’t think that it could affect us so much and deprive us of our dance classes, and yet we needed to find a way to keep dancing in Coronavirus times.

Compared to what is happening this is the last of our problems but, let’s be honest, we really want to dance together again!

So we moved to online classes 🙂 

Online is the solution 

Ar first it wasn’t easy, I still remember the first class in Google Hangout, when I had the illusion of being able to see you all on my TV screen and alternate in the execution of the choreography.

I didn’t take into consideration possible issues with the wifi, a poor connection through mobile phones, bad quality of the audio, the asynchrony between the music and the movements … nooo, what a nightmare!

Luckily, Facebook saved us, with the live broadcast and even if it’s not exactly an interactive class, or we may experience the familiar pain of connection issues (especially when the kids are never-ending streaming..), we can still enjoy it, and watch the video as many times as we want.

From April, every Monday ad Thursday we’ll have an online dance class, at 7 pm. It’s going to be shorter, maybe 30/40 minutes, free and available to everyone. Feel free to invite your friends.

To connect, click HERE at 7 pm and wait until you see the live transmission starting …I make sure I’ll be there on time.

Until when? Until we can get back to face-to-face classes, and maybe – if this experiment is successful – we could keep some online classes for those who live far away or don’t have time.

At the moment we stay safe and sound at home … I miss you so much!


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