Imagine that you have an idea or better a dream … you would love to make it happen but you do not know where to start.

Basically, this is how EmoDanYo was born. I loved the idea of being able to gather different disciplines together and offer a complete experience. Dance: to release body and mind, enjoy and liberate yourself from fears and prejudices. Yoga: to relax and work on the chakras. Emotions: a group workshop to explore our feelings, also the most hidden. And all this, in a positive environment, full of companionship, and understanding, oblivious to any form of competition or judgment.

And guess what? Almost by chance, I talk to my friend Maricarmen, who is an expert in Holistic Kinesiology and she immediately falls in love with the project. In two days we already had the name, born from the creativity of my traveling companion 🙂 Only the Yoga teacher was missing and Irene was no doubt the perfect choice: expert, professional, affectionate and with a big heart.

Choosing date and place has been simple: April 14, in Sotogrande.

I have no words to explain my satisfaction and happiness, the workshop has been a total success. I thank all the participants, who have trusted and supported us with their enthusiasm and collaboration.

We started with a modern dance class, funky style, dancing to the strains of “Finesse” by Bruno Mars. There were some students of mine but also people without any previous experience and all of them, no exceptions, have enjoyed dancing with a big smile from the beginning to the end.
Then Irene took care of the Yoga class, she explained the asanas and postures in details, also including information about the chakras and their meaning.
Maricarmen concluded the workshop with a group therapy: many had volunteered to experience the power of the energetic connection, dormant emotions have been brought to light liberating hugs and tears.

The 3 hours have been flying away and also the weather has blessed us with a  sunny day after months of rain.
It has been a great experience so we decided to repeat soon before the hot summer starts kicking in. Next workshop will be on Saturday, May 19th: same place, same time. CLICK HERE to join us.

WATCH the Video

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