We just started our new choreography, contemporary style.

Nobody expected it but the difference is noticeable: we moved from jazz – pop, with catchy music, elegant and regular steps, to unpredictable movements, jumps, lot of flexing and floor work. The choreography is more abstract, you never know what is going to happen, perfection is not a must (but of course you have to respect the beats, otherwise it’s a chaos) and everyone lives the movements in a personal way. The facial expression is very important: sometimes the routine stops and the focus goes to the strenght of a look or a grimace on the face. And then, without any warning, we fall to the ground, turn, jump, change direction, fall again … the beauty of the contemporary style is its unpredictability. 

Is it more difficult compared to jazz? I don’t think so. I personally love both styles, and I also like to mix them. But I understand that in order to learn a contemporary choreography we must accept the idea of sudden changes and, above all, welcome the floor as our first dance partner.
Many adults think that they’ll get hurt as soon as they hear a knee creak for the first time. Nothing is further from reality. Of course we need to warm up well and have a good physical shape, I will never advise jumps or rotations to someone with herniated disc! But we can all execute movements on the floor and lift our own body weight using our arms. What happens is that we are used to “live” in a vertical position and to think – wrongly – that having more than 35-40 years is a disabling factor. Why? Our bodies are designed to support our movements, the only thing that can incapacitate us is stop moving.

So, don’t be afraid of a couple of rotations and floor work. With technique and some practice you’ll be able to achive what you desire. We will continue working on this choreography until the end of February, still in time to join the group.



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