First Dance Wedding Choreography

First Dance Wedding Choreography

A First Dance is forever

Are you preparing your wedding and went blank thinking about your first dance wedding choreography?

No worries, it’s very common and absolutely normal to feel a bit uncomfortable, especially now that it’s no longer enough to put on a romantic song and try to move with the music. The first dance has to be unique, it needs to reflect your personality and get all the guests emotional. It has to be pure magic.

Each choreography is designed around the newlyweds, with more or less complex moves based on their level. It can be a classic waltz, something more modern or original, or a creative mix of songs: with just a little practice (and some tricks) your dance will look great.

Frequent questions:

  1. I never danced before. What do I do? No need to be a dancer, your choreography can be very easy and at the same time spectacular. In addition, I will explain each step very slowly and the movements will adapt to your level.
  2. How many classes do we need? We offer a 3-day basic package (1-hour class/day), but if you need you can always book more classes.
  3. Can we practice at home? You have to. At the end of each class, we will record a video with your mobile phone so that you can rehearse anytime you need it.
  4. How often are the classes? It’s up to you. If you are not in a hurry, the ideal would be 1 class a week so you are able to process the choreography and practice at home.
  5. If we don’t like/do some movement, can we change it? Of course. It’s your dance and you have the power. The choreography is 100% flexible and personalized.
  6. Who chooses the song? You do. I can give suggestions, but the song should reflect your tastes and/or evoke a particular moment or memory.
  7. Which styles can we choose from? You can pick up any style. From pop music to ’60s or ´80s, to Indi or Bollywood, country, rock, punk… really it’s anything you want!
  8. What do we have to wear? This is also up to you but keep in mind that at the wedding you will probably wear elegant clothes and you’ll have to get used to them. If the broom is going to wear high-heeled shoes, it would be better to practice with similar shoes.
  9. How much does the 3-day package cost? €300 for the 3-day package, and €80 for each extra class you may need.
  10. On what days can we rehearse? Saturdays and Sundays are better, but we are very flexible. We only need to agree on the day & time a bit in advance.

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