Every dance style represents a brand new experience and liberates a part of us.

This month we are dancing an hip-hop choreography and it’s absolutely amazing! The song is “River” by Eminem, if you look at the lyrics you will understand the reason why of the blog title 🙂 
Anyway, I have to admit that I would never have expected all this success. In general, jazz and contemporary are more suitable for adult women, just as hip-hop is perfect for young people … another mental framework in which we get trapped without even realizing it, and of course it’s a big lie. Overall, this urban/street style is bringing out our primitive, rebellious and yes … maybe arrogant side. And you know what? I love it! While we dance we transform ourselves, we draw each step with strong colors, perhaps exaggerated but in line with the choreography and the song we are playing. And then suddenly, we calm down and go back to a more peaceful state of mind. 

Some people say that dance is a therapy, a meditation in movement … I absolutely agree.
We all carry the burden of our emotional backpack, and dancing is a powerful way to express ourself . Each style gives us the possibility to release something, to heal, to recognise and accept our emotions, to be ourselves without complexes. It is called “empowerment”, a buzzword in these times, not only referred to women but to every single person. Empowering means recognizing, giving value, accepting, loving and, of course, wanting to improve ourself.

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