Let’s start the dance and never stop

Well, we already did start the dance. With a little delay, I’ll tell you how we got the dance started in the new year 🙂

In January we came back to do floor work, to jump, contract, expand, and put a little “pathos” in each movement … guess what style did we work on?
Hehehehe, I know you’ve guessed right away! Contemporary dance has been our star in January, and we danced an incredible song: “Leave the Light On” by Tom Walker.

Why did I choose it? Not only because of the melody, but the lyrics have also captivated me; the message of “leaving a light on” so that something (or someone) wonderful can arrive, is very appealing and powerful.
In these times of humanitarian and environmental crises, wars, strange viruses, perhaps we can re-discover our humanity and become someone who brings some light…

In February we only had 5 classes (I also go on holidays) but the result was spectacular. We danced a mix between Rihanna’s “Umbrella” and “Singing in the Rain”, moving from hip-hop to jazz and vice versa.

Here you have the links to the 2 videos, please leave a comment, I love to know what you think…

Leave the Light On
Umbrella & Singin in the Rain

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