Time flies and the fourth week of the Summer Art Camp is about to end. I’m working here as a dance teacher and I have to say that it’s been a very nice experience.

The children have the opportunity to try many artistic disciplines: from music (guitar, percussion, violin, piano) to singing, acting, cooking and of course … dance!

With the youngest I play a lot; I discovered that they love ancient Greek myths and legends so I try to refresh my memory (I have a classical studies background, but internet helps a lot!) to keep their attention alive and then represent the stories using theater and dance.

With the older ones, I don’t need any trick so I can focus on teaching, as from 7-8 years old kids can easily learn simple and fun steps. And with pre-teens and teens, it’s all downhill: they memorize more complex choreographies and have no problem in dancing, also expressing themselves in their own way.

These days the weather has been very hot and the gym where we have classes is not exactly a cool place, so I noticed that the attention was going down and I decided to play my favorite card: we danced to the sound of Thunder, from the Imagine Dragons. As planned, it has been a success! The temperature has become a secondary issue and everyone wanted to learn the choreography and dance it over and over again. It’s amazing the power that a great song can have (and also a good choreography, I’m not going to take away any credit!).

See you after the summer, have a great time! 🙂


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