The new year is finally here, together with our best intentions. You may have decided to lose weight, quit smoking, step off from an unwanted relationship or situation, change job, make this trip you’ve always dreamt of… why don’t you start with something simple but very powerful as dancing?

A student once told me: “I love dancing because I forget everything, I only listen to music and my body dancing”. This is the real magic. Believe it or not, when you start dancing everything around you assumes a different importance: you feel freer and able to make the right decision. If you eat this cake it’s because you want it and not because you can’t control yourself. Through dancing you will get to know your body at deeper level, you’ll learn to accept and love it, as well as your mind and emotions. There will be less “ups and downs” and more emotional stability, you will feel stronger and renewed after each class.

Plus, you’ll have great time. I encourage you to try, do not let laziness overcome you; join us for a free-class and then you’ll decide.
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