January isn’t over yet and we already have an absolutely amazing modern dance group for adults.

How could I describe the feeling during the class? The first word I can think of is simply “great”. From minute one the atmosphere is so relaxed and light, we cross the door and beautiful welcome smiles appear on everyone’s face, we chat, we laugh, we help each other and of course we dance as if tomorrow will never come!

One of the most special feature of this group is that there’s no competition at all (how wonderful), we gather together to learn, enjoy and dedicate some time to ourselves. It’s our moment: there are no husbands, children, work, meetings, worries or problems, we only focus on the choreography and let our passion for dancing flow.
But we are also “serious” and take great care of the technique. Ballet terminology like passé, chassé and pirouette are already part of our vocabulary and we can execute these movements in jazz and contemporary choreographies.

You’ll probably ask yourself: did you know each other before, right? The answer is no.
Two newcamers have joined yesterday and immediately bonded with the others. They didn’t even worry for not knowing the choreography, I guess because they immediately sensed that nobody here is afraid to make mistakes and the feeling of union and complicity is really strong.

I see your next question coming: are you all English, or all Spanish? We are international. English, Spanish, Serbian, Brazilian, Italian … and we want to continue growing.
Our nationality doesn’t matter, between us we speak English and Spanish, or sign language if needed! Age doesn’t count either, this is another barrier that has no way to exist here.
We often put labels on us only because “it’s normal” (does this phrase sound to you? “I’m too old/fat/skinny/busy/rigid … to do it”), and then we burn inside because we want to dance. So what? There’s no other choice but to make the big move… and you know what is it.

Join the team, you are gonna have a great time 🙂


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