If there’s something that really bothers me, it’s having to cancel a class. But this week I had no choice: the flu has conquered my body, leaving me several days in bed and many others wandering around while trying to recover by eating vitamins, good food and having plenty of rest. I thought I had super powers, but obviously I don’t!

I honestly got very angry (like in the image!) because I had everything programmed for the week and suddenly… puff! There are things that you can’t control, well, the truth is that no matter how hard we try, we can’t control basically anything. And you know what? I’ve realized that I have a lot of work to do … with my mind!
She didn’t leave me for a second when I was in bed: my whole body was hurting and she was talking and talking and talking… about a new choreography, a blog, what to do when I finally got up, when to reschedule the classes, about my mother, my husband, my kids, my students … please stop!

Now I understand what Buddhists mean when they refer to “the monkey mind”, so I have incorporated 10-15 minutes of meditation into my daily routine: I go to my room, close my eyes and listen to my breath, in & out, in & out. And if your are asking: “where does the mind go then”? Don’t worry, she’s always there, trying to talk about nonsenses, with no patience at all, she can’t even wait 10 minutes! So I find myself pushing her aside and sighing: “Yes darling, we talk later, now I’m taking my time”.

As the saying goes: something good always comes from bad. It was years that I didn’t spend 48 hours in bed, getting up just to go to the toilet – with a big effort. And it was years that I didn’t allow myself to do absolutely nothing for so long. Like all the other mothers it seems that we must be in charge of everything, but then your body calls a strike and suddenly you realise how tedious you are, with yourself!
So, thank you flu. I’ve learned the lesson, although I hope not to see you for a long time.

I’ll see you all next Monday instead, we’ll continue the choregraphy on Bruno Mars’ song “Runaway Baby”.
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